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Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board Web Site:

Please see the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board web site for complete information on the Garden including current operating hours, parking pass information, bus routes, programs offered at the Garden, plant and bird checklists. A locater map is also available on the Parks website. The Wildflower Garden is owned, operated, staffed and maintained by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden is an independent private nonprofit organization that provides volunteer and funding support.

Canada Milkvetch
Canada Milkvetch, Astragalus canadensis

June: During the month of June, the trees and shrubs will be in full leaf and the colorful early summer flowers are bursting forth in the Upland Garden and the Wetland has greened up. June is also the month to see the flowering of the jewel of the Garden, the Showy Lady's-slipper, usually by the beginning of the second week of June - but slightly later if there is an late spring.

Covid-19 restrictions are in effect so please use the Park and Recreation Board web site link above to access program information and entrance requirements. Parking is metered at the main gate lot (quarters or Visa/Master Card only), but you may park in the free Wirth Lake Beach parking lot and walk to the Garden area. The back gate may not be open due to Covid-19 restrictions. Use the “Location/Parking” tab above for a locator.

The Garden was dedicated in 1907 to be a wild native plant oasis within an urban environment, not an arboretum and no formal beds - a small natural garden where the hand of man is to be less evident.

Former Garden Curator Martha Crone wrote: "Spring flowers are through blooming and the forest is deepening and there is shade and shadows. Midsummer flowers take to the open as woodlands become too shaded for blossoms. From then until frost a constantly changing panorama is seen. Each season seems to reach a peak and then end, but just beyond we can sight new loveliness. Each season has its own treasures."

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