Friends of the Wild Flower Garden
East Upland Landscape

The Friends do not have any office facilities or office telephone numbers. We are entirely a body of unpaid volunteers dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of the Garden.

You may contact The Friends by mail at:

Friends of the Wild Flower Garden, Inc. P. O. Box 3793 Minneapolis, MN 55403

The Friends do not maintain an office facility but you may contact us by phone by reaching the Friends Treasurer at 952-322-7369.

or via e-mail as follows:

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Donations and Memorials can be sent directly to The Friends Post Office Address:

Payable to: Friends of the Wild Flower Garden, Inc. P. O. Box 3793 Minneapolis, MN 55403


Or for credit card payment or forms for check payments- go to the "Support Us" Page.


Martha Crone Visitors Shelter at Eloise Butler

Phone 612-370-4903 During the Garden's open season, the Crone Shelter is staffed by a volunteer or a Garden naturalist, 10 am to one hour before sunset Tuesday through Saturday and from 12 Noon until one hour before sunset on Sundays during the Garden's open season April to mid-October.

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