The Friends of the Wildflower Garden

Then and Now at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

The Garden Shelters in Winter - 80 Years apart

Eight years separate the photos below. The "little cabin" that was the Garden tool room, office, visitor center & shelter is seen tucked into the winter snowdrifts on March 9, 1953. It is visited occasionally in the winter by the Garden Curator, Martha Crone, as the winding depression in the snow, which is the path from the front gate, indicates. All is quiet on a brilliant winter day - the kind Martha would be thinking of when she wrote "What a Fairyland the woods present after a snowstorm. The new snow muffles the echoes, and there is a new beauty where only bare bleakness existed before." (from The Fringed Gentian™, January 1955). Note the small group of red cedars in the center of the photo - that is the site of Eloise Bulter's 1917 boulder birdbath.

Old Garden office in winter 1953

The photo below is 4years earlier, seen from the back side on April 14, 1949 after a 9-1/2 inch snowfall.

1949 photo

The photo below is 20 years earlier than the 1st photo above - February 29, 1936 (leap year day).

Garden Office 1936

Below: 52 years later than the first photo, and 70 later than the 1936 photo, the replacement for the "little cabin," the Martha Crone Visitors Shelter, sits under a blanket of snow in early 2005. To compare the locations of the two photos, go to the bottom photo.

Martha Crone Shelter in Winter

Photo Below: 80 years after the 1936 photo, we see the Martha Crone Shelter in the winter of 2016/2017.

Shelter in Jan. 2017

Below: In this photo from April 20, 2008, we see the Martha Crone Visitors Shelter on the plateau of level ground that sits midway between the front Garden gate and the lower elevation of the woodland bog. At lower left center in the photo is the open patio area with three benches which are on the site of the earlier Garden Office shown in the top photo. For orientation note the small group of Red Cedars behind the large tree trunk on the right, now much larger than in the the 1957 photo. They will provide a reference point.

Shelter in Early Spring