The Friends of the Wildflower Garden

Then and Now at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

The East Woodland Path - Violet Way

East Woodland: In the photos below, the first taken on May 29, 1951 and the second on June 1, 1950, we see the east path of the Woodland Garden (now named Violet Way) leading uphill from the wetland area to the site of the Garden Office, which we see the back side of at upper right center. Garden Curator Martha Crone has placed a number of plant identification markers along the path and we see extensive ferns.

East Woodland Path East Woodland Path

Below: Here in early October 2007 we see the same path. Far fewer ferns grow along this area than in 1952. On the upper left center we see smoke from the chimney of the Martha Crone Visitors Shelter fireplace - a feature Martha Crone never had in the Old Garden Office. The Crone Shelter is partially visible through the foliage.

Woodland east path today

Photo Below: Slightly further back from the photo above, this view leads upward to the new Shelter on the left and the site of the old office on the right.

Woodland path

Below: Two winter photos of the east woodland path taken on Feb. 18, 1953. Note in the last photo that the path was originally named "violet path" whereas it is currently named "violet way".

1953 winter scene 1953 winter scene