The Friends of the Wildflower Garden

Then and Now at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

The Entrance to the Upland Garden - 1948 and 2008

Historical upland photo

Above: The entrance path to the Upland Garden on Oct. 15, 1948 showing the path leading uphill along the boundary fence with the west loop path branching off to the left at lower center. At the end of the visible part of the fence is a large Oak and the oaks of the central hill and beyond showing at center left. The spruce trees along the fence behind the large oak are hardly visible. There is no evidence of the Wild Plum that is now at the top of the hill to the left of the path nor is any Moonseed and wild grape climbing the fence.

Below: The entrance on July 29, 1950, two years after the first photo. The new Martin House has been erected.

UPland entrance path 1950

Below: The same scene as above in early Spring (April 16, 2008). The fence is now covered with vines, the oak is much larger and has a bench beneath in the shade. The conifers behind the oak are obviously much larger as are the trees in the background. Except for the width, the paths are in the same location. In 2022 the fence on the right side of the photos was moved southward, bringing another acre of wooded hillside in the Garden. This area had been cleared of invasive plants over past years by voluneers of Garden Legacy Stewards and the Friends Invasive Plant Action Group.

Upland entry in spring

Below: A similar camera angle as above, but in summer (June 27, 2008) with full vegetation. The intersection of the path branching to the left at lower center is just visible. Moonseed and Wild Grape have covered the fence on the right (see note in previous caption).

Upland entrance in summer