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Details in the Life of Eloise Butler

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House at Murray Hill Road

20 Murray Hill Road
Malden Massachusetts

Cora Pease
Cora Pease as a young woman

This was the home of Eloise Butler's sister, Cora Pease. It is located just to the north of Boston. When Eloise was teaching in Minneapolis, she would return to Malden during the summer months to stay with Cora. After the founding of the Wild Flower Garden in 1907, Eloise kept the same schedule but beginning in 1910 the duties of being curator of the Garden required her to be in Minneapolis in the summer, so then so made her visits back east during the winter months. After Cora's death in 1928, Eloise still returned to Malden to visit and care for ailing relatives. The Winter of 1932/33 was her last visit.

The photos of the house on this page were all taken in 1988 by the owner of the house at that time - Mr. Leon C. Cushing and by Martha Hellander. Martha Hellander visited Malden in 1988 and 1989 while researching her book on Eloise Butler.

Malden house
The house from the north side.
The steps and garden leading to the main floor entrance.
Living Room
The Living Room
Dinbing Room
The Dining Room
Street entrance
The street entrance to the property. Ethel Moore (left), Eloise M. Riggs (right)
Rear Garden
The garden at the rear of the house in the Spring.

The Summer Garden in the front of the house leading to the main floor entrance.

Summer Garden

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