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Our Native Plant Reserve

This document reviews history of the Garden and uses a number of the details that appear in Eloise Butler's 1926 text on the history of the Garden. It also clarifies some other details such as what is meant by the "tarvia road" that Eloise frequently referred to in her planting notes. This footpath currently lies just outside and parallel to the Garden's back fence and the water leaving the Garden wetland passes under it. The dam referred to in this article is a concrete dam that Eloise had constructed in 1917 replacing an earlier earthen dam. (see 1917 for more details)

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Document: Our Native Plant Reserve, by Mrs. John. H. Jepson. Archives of the Minneapolis Park Board, From the Martha Crone Collection, Minnesota Historical Society. This document was probably written based on material that Eloise Butler had written earlier, such as her 1926 history. In the publication the article is noted "from the Archives of the Minneapolis Park Board". That it was composed from earlier work is indicated by the discussion of creating an aquatic pool, which had already been done by the time of this publication.

It is published in June 1933, following the death of Eloise Butler, in the magazine The Minnesota Clubwoman, a publication of The Minnesota Federation of Women's Clubs, and was probably an attempt to summarize what Eloise Butler had accomplished. Footnotes to the article gave specifics of the Last Rites ceremony for Eloise that had already been held at the Garden in May 1933. The author's husband was a Parks Commissioner at the time of Eloise Butlers death.