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Collage of Butler photos

80th Birthday Photos of Eloise Butler - Aug. 3, 1931

Elisue at Mallard Pool
Above: Eloise Butler, age 80, in her work uniform of the day on the rustic bridge at the newly excavated Mallard Pool. Photo courtesy Minnesota Historical Society, Martha Crone Papers.
EB Impersonator 2007
Above: Actor Anna Anderhagen, playing the role of Eloise, in August 2007 on the 100th Anniversary of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. Photo courtesy Kathy Connelly.

Below: A gathering of friends on her 80th birthday, August 3, 1931. From l to r: Miss Alma Johnson, frequenter of the Garden; Mrs John Hadden, a former pupil; Mrs. J. W. Babcock, in whose house Eloise lodged while in Minneapolis; Miss Clara K. Leavitt, fellow teacher; Eloise Butler; Dr. W. H. Crone (behind Eloise); Miss Elizabeth Foss, botany teacher at North H.S.; Miss Mary K. Meeker, former pupil; Mrs. O. F. Schussler, former pupil; Mrs Crone (Martha); Mrs. Louisa Healy, former pupil. When Eloise sent a copy of this photo to Martha Crone see noted "Its too bad Dr. Crone is obscured by the tree!" [Photo: Minnesota Historical Society, Martha Crone Papers.]

EB 80th Birthday

Below: Following the outdoor photo above, the gathering moved indoors to the J. W. Babcock House at 227 Xerxes Ave. where Eloise boarded during the time that the Garden was open. The seating arrangement here is: Left side front to back - Mrs. Louisa Healy, Eloise Butler, Mrs. Schussler, Miss Leavitt and Miss Foss. Right side, front to back - Martha Crone, Mrs. Hadden, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Babcock and Dr. Wm. Crone. [Photo: Minnesota Historical Society, Martha Crone Papers.]

EB 80th birthday