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The Joys and Disconcerts of April at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden
OR - how cold and snowy is April?

Birch Pond

Is it unusual when we have to await the snow and ice to melt so the Garden can open? If you have lived in the metro area for many years you know it is not unusual for winter to delay the Garden’s spring season. That is actually more common than an early spring. Here is the record with some quotes about opening day and the weather from the logs of the Garden’s first 50 years. Eloise Butler's log: 1907 to April 1933. Martha Crone's log: May 1933 to 1958. Added, are dates from more current times.

Events From More Current Times.

Birch Pond

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Photo at top of page of Birch Pond from a Kodachrome taken by former curator Martha Crone on April 14, 1949, following that days 9-1/2 inch snowfall.

Photo at bottom of page - Similar view on April 5, 2018 following a 8 inch snowfall on April 2 & 3. Photo G D Bebeau.