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What's been going on?
February 2020

An update of some Wildflower Garden and Friends happenings in recent months.

book cover1. 3rd Edition of our Plant Identification Guide. Just off the press is the latest edition of this photo identification book, first brought out in 2017. It has almost doubled in size with 264 pages, 1,949 thumbnail photos of 678 species of wildflowers and small shrubs, 35 species of ferns, and 74 species of trees of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden - plants contemporary and historical to the Garden. All plants are native or introduced to Minnesota and most can be found outside the Garden in Minnesota and in the northern states in the eastern half of the U.S. Additional images of many plants are provided with ID notes to aid in identification. Details here.

moccasin flower2. Minnesota Orchids: Several weeks ago we posted a page about the orchids that have been in the Garden since 1907, and we gave photos of all the ones native to Minnesota - get that page here. Now the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has announced as part of their Plant Conservation Program a school program in which student scientists will study the best methods for propagating Cypripedium acaule, commonly called the moccasin flower. Details on that program here.

Squirrel Corn3. Squirrel Corn: In 1911 Eloise Butler wrote about a foraging trip with her fellow teachers in 1909 to Big Island in Lake Minnetonka where they were told Squirrel Corn could be collected. It was done in broad daylight but they were a raiding party just the same. Squirrel Corn is the cousin of Dutchman's Breeches and no longer found in Hennepin County. The tubers collected were planted in the Garden (first planting) on May 17, 1909. Her write up is humorous and is now being included in a new book about the history of Big Island, written by Paul Maravelas and should be available sometime this year. Read Eloise's story here. [Photo courtesy Elizabeth Parnas, Wisconsin Flora]

Yellow Giant Hyssop4. New plant info sheets: Our website now has new information and photo sheets on five plants found in the Garden. They are:

Yellow Giant Hyssop

American Water Horehound

Balsam Fir

Bulblet Bladder Fern

and Black Medick.

honor board5. Memorials: Did you know that the Friends frequently receive memorials and that the funds are used for our projects at the Garden? Many times the memorial is for a complete stranger to us but was someone who was not a stranger to the Garden and wanted the Garden to benefit from memorials for them. Near the door inside the Martha Crone Shelter is our memorial honor board, dating back to 1981 with engraved name plates for persons for whom we have received memorials or in-honor-of donations above a certain threshold amount. Last year we received 33 memorial donations for the Garden's benefit. Details on the memorial program here.

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