Wild and Untamed

Mavis Frankson

from The Fringed Gentian™, Fall 1995


Wildflower, she is so aptly named,
A Flower so wild and untamed.

The breeze sassily bounces her pretty head,
Defying you to keep her in your bed.
She’s definitely not a high society queen,
But her delicate beauty can be easily seen.

Welcoming pollinators in her velvet folds,
She knows not what the future holds.
Standing enticingly on the roadside,
She’ll go along just for the ride.

She has an insatiable wandering lust,
She’ll take a chance and go for bust,
Scattering her seeds where they may
Sprout, then stretch to the light of day.

She’s a flower so wild and untamed,
Call her wildflower, she is aptly named.