Christmas Eve

Dora Read Goodale (1866 -1915)

From All Round the Year, Verses from Sky Farm


While the Christmas bells are ringing
And the tapers burning clear,
Join us, friends and travelers, bringing
Music for the closing year.
We have borne the wintry weather,–
Wind and atoms we would not miss,
We will now be glad together,–
Drink! to health and happiness!

Hear the merry sleigh-bells jingle
Clear above the creaking snow,
While our pulses leap and tingle,
Fancy following where they go.
Others' errands we are finding,
For our hearts are one beneath;
Many right good wishes binding
In the magic holly wreath!

We are with them gayly, kindly,
And their burden one with ours;
We forsake our sorrow, blindly,
Cover up our grief with flowers;
Clasp we hands above our altar,
Thus forget a conscious wrong,
Tho' our happy voices falter
In the old-time Christmas song!