Wild Oat

by Dora Read Goodale (1866 - 1915)

from All Round the Year, Verses from Sky Farm


Winds are growing sweeter
Day by day;
Spring is here, the fields have seen her,
And are growing greener, greener,
And the woods have found so much
In the magic of her touch,
That the golden mist of April
Deepens with the May!

Now we feel the new enchantment
of the May;
April days were less than living,
Ours the asking, hers the giving, -
In the golden May-tide weather
We can ask and give together,
Now no more we wait and listen
Day by day.

To the green and sunlit forest,
Late so gray,
Come the careless robins daily,
There to call and carol gayly,
And the chime of blossom-bells
Fuller harmony foretells,
In the borders of the forest
Ringing in the May!

Waits the flower amid her shadows
All the day,
And the slender birch-tree glistens,
Where she droops her head and listens
And her footprints I discover
Where the sweet-fern closes over,
Round the edges of the woodlands
Tender with the May!

O the lights of earth and heaven
Growing day by day;
O the winds among the grasses, -
Showers, along the mountain passes
O the shy, straw-colored bell
In the shadow of the dell,
Heir to all the early freedom
Of the May!