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Summer/Fall 2020

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Garden Plant of the Week

Selected from the many species in, or historical to, the Garden.

Button Eryngio Button Eryngio
Eryngium yuccifolium

Link on name goes to more information and photos of this plant.

Asters and Goldenrods
Autumn colors of the Garden

Photos of 24 species with links to more photos in and information sheets. Article

New England Aster

A Seasonal Poem

And in our vacant mood,
Not seldom did we stop to watch some tuft
Of dandelion seed or thistle’s beard,
That skimmed the surface of the dead calm lake,
Suddenly halting now - a lifeless stand!
And starting off again with freak as sudden
In all its sportive wanderings, all the while,
Making report of an invisible breeze
That was its wings, its chariot and its horse,
Its playmate, rather say, its moving soul.


Taken from Anima Poetae by
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)


"When the summer has grown old the mellow days of early autumn cast a glow of color over the trees and shrubs. The sumacs covering hillsides are most outstanding in their flaming color. Only a few embers of summer remain, yet the golden blaze of color burns brightly for sometime. Each season has its own beauty and this is beyond compare. After the foliage has dropped, vistas are opened that have been obscured during the summer months.”
Former Curator Martha Crone, Oct. 1964 from The Fringed Gentian™

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Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Plant Photo ID Guide
Note Cards

Downloadable PDF format books.

The Wild Botanic Garden
1907-1933. Companion book to The Wild Gardener
This Satisfying Pursuit
Martha Crone and the Wild Flower Garden
The Native Plant Reserve
1933-1958. Companion book to the Crone History

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