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Summer 2021

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Autumn issue in November

A tale from the Garden

Teachers raid Big Island to get Squirrel Corn. Article.

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Our native deciduous conifer - Garden history and what climate change has in store.

Read Article Here.

Garden Plant of the Week

Selected from the many species in, or historical to, the Garden.

White wood aster

Can you identify this late summer/autumn flowering native plant?

Link on name goes to more information and photos of this plant.

Fall enticements

A look at all the asters and goldenrods in the Wildflower Garden

New England Aster

A Seasonal Poem

Ye have been fresh and green,
Ye have been fill'd with flowers,
And ye the walks have been
Where maids have spent their hours.
You have beheld how they
With wicker arks did come
To kiss and bear away
The richer cowslips home.
Y'ave heard them sweetly sing,
And seen them in a round:
Each virgin like a spring,
With honeysuckles crown'd.
But now we see none here
Whose silvery feet did tread....


Taken from To Meadows by
Robert Herrick (1591-1674)


“Like star showers the wild asters, beloved by all, nod their heads in the rustling breezes of autumn. The picturesque beauty of natures last lovely gift of the season, range thru shades of sky-blue, purple, rose and white. There are no less than 25 species of wild aster in this locality adorning dry hills as well as fields and meadows and even the deep woods. Altho the warm moon of autumn cools suddenly and a tangible coldness creeps over the earth with frost lying thick at dawn, the hardy asters remain untouched. Their beauty has given them a place in our cultivated gardens, where they are one of the pleasures of the mellow days of autumn."
Former Garden Curator Martha Crone.

Garden theme items for sale

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Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Plant Photo ID Guide
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Note Cards

Downloadable PDF format books.

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The Wild Botanic Garden
1907-1933. Companion book to The Wild Gardener
Graphic image of book cover
This Satisfying Pursuit
Martha Crone and the Wild Flower Garden
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The Native Plant Reserve
1933-1958. Companion book to the Crone History

John Moriarty's books are available here until December 31.

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John Moriarty
Field Guild to the Natural World of the Twin Cities
Book cover
John Moriarty
Minnesota's Natural Heritage
book cover
John Moriarty
Amphibians and Reptiles in Minnesota

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