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Large Flowered Trillium

Views of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

Spring Garden Scenes

spring scenes

Spring returns again for many purposes - to start the cycle of growing things from seed to flower and again to seed. For the enchantment and beauty that spring holds and for the rapture of the new green which is a solace and a promise of peace and contentment. Former Curator Martha Crone

Spring Flowers and Garden Scenes

Spring - March to Early June

Prairie SmokeFlowering plant thumbnails sorted by color:

Early Spring -
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Late Spring
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Earliest and latest bloom dates of 25 common spring flowers.

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Photo Samplers

April Flowers
May Flowers

Illustrated Articles and video

Article: Early Spring in the Garden by Martha Crone
The Five Earliest Blooming Spring Plants in the Garden
25 Common Spring Blooming Plants in the Garden [with bloom dates]
Five unusual late spring flowers
Video: Garden opening day 2014

Photo in text: Prairie Smoke Geum triflorum Pursh. Photo top of page: Large Flowered Trillium, Trillium grandiflora. Photos  ©G. D. Bebeau

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