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Views of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

As summer merges into autumn, the last flowers of the season are hurriedly blooming, as tho fearful of impending frost. The many varieties of Golden-rods and blue and white asters are a real harmony of contrasting colors, making the hillsides glow with loveliness. Former Curator Martha Crone

Autumn Flowers, Seeds and Garden Scenes

Autumn - September thru October

Flowering plant thumbnails - all colors:

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Autumn Fruits and Seed Pods
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Photo Samplers

Seasonal Mix #1

Seasonal Mix #2

Autumn Articles and Plant Comparisons

Asters & Goldenrods

-Five obscure late season plants

-October Snowfall - 2009

Photo top of page: Upland Garden in October. Photos ©G. D. Bebeau

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