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Information about Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden - This Month

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This Month at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

November: The Garden closes for the season on the last Sunday of October. The plants have prepared themselves for the coming cold of winter. If snow cover is sufficient, they will survive under that insulating blanket of white. Maintenance work may be done in the Garden during late Fall, but the raking of leaves and the picking up of fallen branches does not occur. The Garden is maintained in a natural state - the condition under which it was originally formed in 1907.

Remember - The Garden was dedicated in 1907 to be a wild native plant oasis within an urban environment, not an arboretum and no formal beds - a small natural garden where the hand of man is to be less evident.

Former Garden Curator Martha Crone wrote: “There is no need for melancholy at this season when the season comes to a close. Look about and find the new growth already advanced toward another year. The fronds of ferns well formed and tightly coiled. The buds on trees and shrubs, as well as basal plants of many others waiting for the warm sun of springtime for theme to grow again.”

Photo above right: White Oak in the Upland Garden

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