Garden Front GateThe Friends of the Wild Flower Garden

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Minneapolis MN 55403

New Member Premiums

Small booklet coverJoin the Friends at the $25 level and receive this booklet "From the Friends to a Friend".

This small pocket-size 22 page booklet is 3-1/3" wide and 2-5/8" high and contains 25 photos of popular native plants in the Garden plus 4 landscape photos.

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Paths Book coverJoin the Friends at the $100 level or above and receive "The Paths of Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden." This spiral bound 34 page book has a Garden map and shows you the flowering plants you are most likely to see on each Garden path - with the season noted. There are 127 plants and 13 landscape photos.

Book size is 8" wide by 6" high. Pages detail.

Note: Membership levels can be changed each year. Membership dollars to the Friends are tax deductible, just like donations.

Anniversary book coverBecome a Life Member and receive a copy of our book "Beyond the Garden Gate", which was produced for the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of The Friends in 2012. The book is hard cover, with 36 pages of photos of plants and landscapes of the Garden arranged by season. Size is 8-1/2" high by 11" wide.

This premium is also available if you convert to Life Membership at a later time.

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